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Parenting is a learned skill. We’re here to help you learn new tools to get the best outcome for you and your child.

Communication is Key

Sometimes it can be difficult to strike the right balance between privacy for the client and communication with the parents. Dr. Thrash is skilled at creating a safe space for adolescent clients without keeping parents in the dark. Parents are a partner in the psychotherapy process, so they learn how to better support their kids at home. Dr. Thrash sees adolescent clients individually as well as in joint sessions with their parents. Research shows teenagers benefit more when their parents are involved in their treatment.

Each adolescent’s situation will be evaluated with input from parents and together we will create an individualized treatment plan for the teen and their family.

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Comprehensive Family Treatment

Dr. Thrash utilizes an Attachment Based Informed Family Therapy approach to treating severely depressed teenagers and their families. This model of family therapy combines individual sessions for teens and parents, and joint sessions during which the family is seen together. ABFT is a research based, structured approach to family counseling that focuses on strengthening the natural child-parent attachment bonds, repairing attachment ruptures, improving communication, and increasing trust between teens and their parents. Studies indicate adolescents who participate in ABFT show improvement in their depression symptoms and reduced rates of psychiatric hospitalizations. The average length of ABFT treatment is 12 to 16 weeks.

Dr. Thrash also employs a model of family therapy specifically designed to address the common problems faced by step-parents and blended families. Many families are able to build stronger relationships in as few as ten sessions.

Step-Families and Blended Families

The first two years are usually the most stressful. Splitting (e.g., pitting one parent against the another), competition for time and attention, and interference from parent’s ex-partners are common problems. Everyone needs to adjust to their new family roles and embrace the new family’s culture.  Strong communication between adults and firm boundaries with children are essential.

Intergenerational Families

When several generations live together under one roof, it can lead to miscommunication and conflict. Each generation has it’s own context, and each individual has unique interpretations. We believe that an intergenerational family that communicates well benefits the members of the house tremendously. When many different perspectives come together, the family unit is stronger and wiser.

Single Parents

Parents who are newly single are often faced with financial issues, custody battles, and decisions regarding whether to move or look for a new job, in addition to the typical stress of raising an adolescent. We teach single parents techniques for effectively parenting their troubled teens and new coping skills to help reduce their overall stress.

The Strength of Attachment.

We desire meaningful relationships. Attachment-Based Informed Therapy helps to repair the relationship between young adults and their parents so they can receive the support they need. Healthy familial relationships are the foundation for a healthy adult life.

We offer guidance and hands-on coaching to repair damaged relationships and rebuild trust. Research shows that Attachment-Based Informed Family Therapy can be effective in reducing depression and suicidal thoughts in teenagers.

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